Saturday Spin – Me-Time

April Showers (1923 film)
April Showers (1923 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday is one of the two days of my me-time I take advantage of for writing, unless I’m on vacation, then every day of vacation is me-time. But for the past four weeks my me-time has been cut in half due to incoming snow storms. I like to write from the time I wake until mid afternoon. It’s when I do my best work.
You see, we live with mom. She’s in her seventies and likes having us around (I think/hope). Each weekend we take her shopping. The grocery shopping is her thing she loves to do most, and since we’re usually heading in that general direction we’ve chosen to make it a single trip. I get my weekly trip to Wally World and she gets her weekly excursion to Market Basket.
Weekends are made for writing. It’s me-time. Writing fits into that me-time. I always feel better when I can express myself. When I can’t, I feel backed up inside my head. – Stuffy – Thoughts become jumbled and the words don’t come out of my mouth quite right. So much for trying to hold a conversation with someone.
Have you ever talked backwards? I’ve done it. I’ve even written a few sentences backwards. – Huh? What the hell did you just say? It’s kind of like using your left hand when your a righty.
That’s something I’ve been forced to do at work, lately. Using my left hand is like having two left thumbs. It doesn’t work that well. I’ll update you in a week to tell you how the left hand is functioning with the right hand.
I can’t wait for spring – warmer weather – April Showers – green grass – leaves on the trees.

English: April showers Leigh-on-Sea. Junction ...
English: April showers Leigh-on-Sea. Junction of Highlands Blvd and Herschell Rd, Leigh-On-Sea just after a heavy downpour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If only we could leave out the Mayflies.

Butterfly Solitude – Rule of Thirds – #photo101

Monarch Butterfly
Monarch summer 2014

This photo was taken last summer by my DH. He has gotten pretty handy with the camera. It is the closest we have to the rule of thirds, and is the one and only monarch butterfly we saw that year. For some reason they have become scarce in New Hampshire over the past couple of years. He had to take the picture to prove that we actually saw one.

Blissful Puppy – #photo101

Have you ever had one of those days where you played and played all day long. Then you stop as though you just hit a brick wall and couldn’t keep your eyes open? Keelaa had a day like that when she met our granddaughter for the first time. They played and then she played with the kitten only to overcome with exhaustion.

She was down for the count.

6 week old puppy
Keelaa sound asleep at 6 weeks of age.

Rye New Hampshire – #photo101

I took this photo last summer while on my first surf casting trip. The only one to catch a fish that day was me, an ugly monk fish, that I was glad to toss back. The thing had two sets of teeth and it was pretty spiney and the color of mud.

Summer 2008 – #photo101

I took this photo several years ago while we were in Boston for the day. I love this shot of the Fanuell Hall Market Place. That was the day we went to the Boston Aquarium via train and subway. I’d never been on a subway train before this trip.

The weather was beautiful. A little chilly at first but it did warm up by noon time.